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Grouplings Grouplings

Find Your Grouplings!

LINQ ScratchPad LINQ ScratchPad

Its already in Sitecore! Add it to the Sitecore Developer Tools menu and LINQ away!

SharedSource Conditions SharedSource Conditions

Add new Personalization Rules/Conditions: Security/User Profile Date Field, Security/User Profile Date Offset, Security/User Profile Fields Comparison, Visit/Http Referrer

Advanced Site Provider Advanced Site Provider

Version 1 of the Advanced Site Provider for Sitecore is now released on Github. It enables the usage of separate sites, initially limited to sub-domains, with no configuration nor any special content items!

Code named: Sniper Code named: Sniper

Nest Content Items within other Content Items. Oh, and C# Code too.


Powershell script to deploy Visual Studio project to all local IIS Sitecore sites (with exclusions), build packages and deploy using Sitecore Powershell Extension (SPE) all with optional auditing


Version 1 of AppBlocks will be released on Github. It is a Framework for easily implementing and scaling your application with microsoervices, plus integration with over 140+ API's