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Hard-Core Integration Intoxication with .NET Core

Hard-Core Integration Intoxication with .NET Core

Presented Live: May 03, 2018

At: VSLive Austin 2018

Come learn how to take your solutions from 0 to 60 in 60 minutes or less. First, see a few basic, yet powerful examples of how to provide a personalized user experience no matter what your application platform of choice, web, windows (WinForms or WPF) or mobile.

Then prepare to have your mind blown by learning how to integrate with an intoxicating amount of third-party APIs. Many you may have never heard of or thought to integrate into your solutions. Learn how to maximize your integration efforts between systems and any other third-party API's using intelligent design techniques.

Finally, learn how to save your company and your client's money by maximizing their investment and your efforts. You will learn how to write the right code, the right way, the first time. In addition, learn how to increase maintainability and reusability across your solutions. As well as, learn how to leverage and future-proof your solutions, while keeping up with the current wave of .NET Core and other technology shifts.

You will learn:

Intelligent design, integrate numerous third-party API's, create reusable components, embed, integrate, and dynamically compile code
Get it right the first time. Reduce iterations, increase time to market
Cross platform compatibility